Leather and fur has come a long way since 30,000 BC and now Artem the Label is producing a range of beautiful, handmade leather fashion and select fur accessories for the Australian Market. 

With a genuine love for leather, we wanted to bring beautifully handmade leather clothes to the market at prices that everyone can afford without compromising the quality or the finish of the garment, and so Artem the Label was born. 

Each piece has been beautifully handcrafted, using the softest leather. These are investment pieces and we want our customers to wear them for many years to come. Because our clothes are hand tailored we are able to offer a tailored solution for customers who don’t fit the regular mold at an additional cost. 

The name Artem the Label has a dual meaning: in Latin, Artem means 'art', which is exactly how the label's founder, Gloria Tsotsis, views fashion. It is an artistic and bold expression of self, but instead of using paper or material as the canvas, we use our bodies. The name s also derived from the Greek goddess, Artemis; the Goddess of the Hunt. Artemis was a bold, brave, and powerful woman, and this is exactly the type of woman that we envision wearing our pieces: one that is unafraid to stand out, be bold, and make a statement. Artem the Label is not for the faint of heart.

“Wearing leather is about an attitude, not age and we want women to feel strong and confident when they wear our pieces. Our range has style and attitude, and really is fashion that lifts the spirit. Our customer has spirit, style and attitude regardless of her age” - Gloria, Founder of Artem the Label